Health Insurance
What is Health Insurance?
Health Insurance is a type of insurance coverage in which the insurer pays the medical expenditure of the insured person if the insured becomes sick or gets injured in an accident. It offers a protection cover for you, and your family for any disease or injury-related emergencies like hospitalization, surgical expenses, medical expenses, etc. Health insurance policy is for individuals as well as groups.
Why go for Health Insurance?
There is nothing in life more treasured than having a good health. However, future can never be predicted; there are always uncertainties in our life. You can never know when you will suffer from some illness or get involved in an accident. Whatever be the reason, these unforeseen happenings could wipe out all your savings. With the mounting cost of treatment, treatment is now costly. This is where having a health insurance policy could help us.
Suitable for
Health insurance plan or policy is suitable for everyone. Anyone can buy a health insurance policy. You can buy it for yourself and your family. You should get health insurance to protect your savings.
Premium saving tips
Buy this insurance cover as early as possible in life, as the premium starts to increase with age. Choose annual premium payment option to save on costs. Check quotes of different Insurance companies. Buying online is also one way to get affordable insurance plans.
Tax Benefits
All medical insurance policies are entitled for the Income Tax Exemption under section 80D.
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